TEAMWORK Isn't My Thing, and I Don't Like to SHARE Teacher Kit

Teach kids the important skills of teamwork and sharing with this bundled teacher kit

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd
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Bundle and SAVE!

Elementary and Special Ed teachers will present and reinforce the important skills of teamwork and sharing with this bundled teacher kit.

Bring a spirit of cooperation to your classroom by reading the humorous story about RJ and how he learns that being a team player and sharing with others are beneficial skills in school and at home. Follow up with any of the 24 activities in the activity guide which includes PDF files for reproducible pages. Some of the activities include Masking Tape Race, in which kids are shown how to have team success by both choosing and listening to a leader and by working and “sticking together”; Talk It Up, in which students learn how good communication among team members can make a big difference in team outcomes and success; and Billboard Math, in which students are shown that working together makes the task at hand easier and a lot more fun!

Display posters to visually remind students step-by-step how to use the skills every day. The book, the activity guide and the set of two posters can each be purchased separately, but for the best value and best results choose the Teacher Kit and watch your students learn to take more responsibility for their actions! Format: 2 books, 2 posters