Thanks for the Feedback...(I THINK?) Book with Audio CD

A story about accepting criticism and compliments the right way

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd
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Children in grades K-6 can read along and listen to the author’s entertaining rendition of RJ’s social skill story on the accompanying CD. One track features the text only while a second track includes cues on when to turn the page for youngsters just learning to read. This story follows RJ as he goes about his day doing the things he enjoys, such as blowing bubbles, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends. But when a couple of friends give him compliments, he just isn’t sure how to respond! As RJ continues through the day, he hears from his teacher and parents that while there are many things he’s doing very well, there are some things he needs to work on. His first reaction is to argue and make excuses. Throughout the story, RJ learns what it means to receive positive and negative feedback, and how to respond appropriately to that feedback.

Parents and teachers will love taking kids on RJ’s journey as he discovers feedback’s many forms, and he learns to accept and grow from criticism and compliments at home, in school and with friends. This title is the sixth in Julia Cook’s BEST ME I Can Be! series which teaches children in grades K-6 social skills that can make home life happier and school more successful. The skills are part of the Boys Town Education Model that has improved student behavior and classroom climates in hundreds of schools across the country. The book includes tips for parents and Educators to effectively teach how to give and receive compliments and how to accept feedback. Includes an Audio CD; 32 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-50-1