The Garden in My Mind Activity Guide

Classroom Lesson Plans, Activities and Ideas for Teaching Positive Behavior and Choices in School and at Home
Stephie McCumbee
Lisa M. Griffin
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Work smarter, not harder, by combining academic lessons with social skill development. First, read The Garden in My Mind picture book with your class, then use this companion activity guide to drive home the message about your expectations for positive classroom behavior. It has easy to use lessons revolving around the storybook, with step-by-step instructions, lists of materials needed with ready-to-print forms and handouts included on the CD. Ideal for grades 2 through 5, the lessons can be adapted for younger or older groups.

Activities are organized and correlated to common core standards, helping teachers make the most of limited instructional time. Social skills and positive behaviors are instilled through writing activities, role-plays, discussions, and creative arts projects. Students will learn what distracting behaviors look like, how to ignore distractions from others and how to quietly re-focus when distracted. A behavior management system using a gardening theme is offered, with reward coupons, notes home, tips and reminders for students. 48 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-55-6