The Mission Continues: Monsignor Nicholas Wegner of Boys Town

This book is an insightful look at the life and times of Father Wegner, who took over the helm of Boys Town following the untimely death of Father Flanagan

Editors: Barbara A. Lonnborg and Thomas J. Lynch
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Boys Town's founder, Father Edward Flanagan, had a dream of expanding his Home to care for boys in new directions. His untimely death in 1948 could have marked the end of his remarkable mission, but chosen to be his successor was Monsignor Nicholas H. Wegner, a priest who gladly carried on Flanagan's passionate concern for homeless and disadvantaged children. Under Wegner's watchful care, Boys Town doubled in population, expanded educational, vocational, athletic, and arts opportunities for its residents, found a solid financial footing, and spread its ideas on youth care around the globe. Soon, he had earned the respect and love of the boys, staff, and alumni. Young citizens told a local newspaper that Monsignor Wegner was "an all-around good fellow" and that he "talked to us just the way a father would."

In the words of Wegner and others, this book chronicles his stewardship of Boys Town from 1948 to 1973, the international travels he undertook to help the orphans of war, the goals he set and achieved for the Home, and the loyalty he gave to and inspired in Boys Town alumni. 117 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-63-6