Be Careful and Stay Safe

Using simple language and examples, this book teaches young children how to avoid potential dangers, ask for help, follow directions and plan ahead.

Author: Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.
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This book teaches young children the importance of personal safety. Concrete examples and positive, colorful illustrations are used to depict the various ways that children can avoid potential danger. Hazards, accidents, risk, strangers. The world can seem so perilous, especially where our children are concerned. But even very young children can learn basic skills for staying safe in everyday situations and preparing for emergencies. In simple words and supporting illustrations, this book teaches little ones how to avoid potential dangers, ask for help, follow directions, use things carefully, and plan ahead. Made to be read aloud, this book also includes a special section for adults, with questions that inspire discussion and thoughtful planning, games that build safety skills, and activities that teach preparedness. 36 pages

The complete "Learning to Get Along" series includes:

    • Be Polite and Kind
    • Join In and Play
    • Respect and Take Care of Things
    • Try and Stick With It
    • When I Feel Afraid
    • Understand and Care
    • Listen and Learn
    • Share and Take Turns
    • Know and Follow Rules
    • Talk and Work It Out
    • Accept and Value Each Person
    • Reach Out and Give
    • Be Careful and Stay Safe
    • Be Honest and Tell the Truth
    • Cool Down and Work Through Anger

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