Downloadable Activities: Jasper Lizard Wants to Stay Home

Five Downloadable Activities to Help Your Student Calm their Anxiety and Get Back to School

Author: Ashley Bartley
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Reinforce the skills Jasper learns in the story Jasper Lizard Wants to Stay Home with these downloadable activities. Many elementary students struggle with separation anxiety and school anxiety which may impact their attendance as well as their sence of well-being.  These activities focus on helping children with a more successful transition from home to school and help identify the root cause of their anxiiety. 

Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 - Jasper's Morning Maze – Students consider their morning routines and help Jasper Lizard collect the things he needs for school.
  • Activity 2 – Hide 'n Seek – Students find strategies to help with the morning transition to school.
  • Activity 3 – What I Like About School – Students design a flag representing things they like about school.
  • Activity 4 – Positive Mindset – Students practice speaking positively to and about themselves by designing jerseys.
  • Activity 5 – Getting Ready for School – Students participate in a listening activity to help Jasper get ready for school.

The storybook Jasper Lizard Wants to Stay Home is recommended for these activities.

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