Downloadable Activities: Different Thinkers: ADHD

Engaging Downloadable Activities that will help kids learn more about ADHD and helpful strategies to put in place to make them more successful.

Authors: Katia Fredriksen, PhD & Yael Rothman, PhD
Illustrator: Jennifer Ball-Cordero
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Use these engaging downloadable activities to reinforce the lessons taught in the storybook, Different Thinkers: ADHD. The activities are best suited for children ages 6-12. 

The Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 – ADHD True or False – Includes an Answer Key to facilitate discussion surrounding common misunderstandings about ADHD.
  • Activity 2 – Finding ADHD All Around You – Discussion prompts to learn more about friends/family with ADHD, and research famous people with this diagnosis. Learn about strategies and tips from online research. 
  • Activity 3 – Calming Our Bodies – Strategies to practice to calm our bodies when feeling stressed. 
  • Activity 4 –Creating a Visual Schedule/Checklist – Identify a daily activity that is hard to do & create and organize a list of steps to complete the task.
  • Activity 5 – Winding Down Before Bedtime – Brainstorm ways to calm your body and settle down before going to sleep. 

The storybook Different Thinkers: ADHD is recommended for these activities - available in Hardcover and Softcover.

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