Downloadable Activities: Freddie and Friends - Bugging Out

Five Activities to Teach Students How to React Appropriately to Their Problems

Author: Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP
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Kids often think everything that happens to them is a BIG deal. This leads them to overreact to small situations. A big reaction to a small problem can make a situation more dangerous or take longer to resolve. The first step to helping children react appropriately is helping them realize that some problems are big problems and others are No BIGS! The activities offered can help children learn to identify when a problem is a big deal and match their reaction to the size of the problem. Included are games, worksheets, and discussion questions to go along with the storybook, Freddie and Friends: Bugging Out

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - Big or No Big? Race to the Finish - Students will learn that not all problems are the same size so our reactions can’t be one size fits all.
    • Activity 2 - Big No Big Paddle - Students will practice identifying whether a problem is a Big Deal or a No Big to help children identify when a problem needs adult help or can be solved quickly on your own.
    • Activity 3 - Does the Reaction Equal the Size of the Problem? - Not all reactions are the same. This activity gives kids time to practice weighing the reaction of a problem to the problem’s size.
    • Activity 4 - What Else Could You Do? - To work on flexible thinking, students will come up with an alternate behavior when faced with a problem that feels big but is a no big.
    • Activity 5 - Match the Reaction - Students will identify the reaction that weighs the same as the problem.