Downloadable Activities: Freddie the Fly: Seeing Through Another Lens

Five downloadable activities designed to help students see from other perspectives

Author: Kimberly Delude, MA, CCC-SLP
Illustrator: Brian Martin
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Reinforce the lessons Freddie learns in the story Freddie the Fly: Seeing Through Another Lens with these engaging downloadable activities, which will help students learn how to see from other perspectives than their own. Many elementary students can be self-centered and find it difficult to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of their classmates, friends, and family. While this is developmentally appropriate for young children, some students need more time and more practice to learn the importance of recognizing the needs and feelings of others. These activities will help children to be more empathetic and to see from the perspective of others.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 – Compare and Contrast Perspectives – One’s perspective of a situation can be different depending on one’s interests. This activity helps kids see that not everyone likes the same things.
  • Activity 2 – Perspective Zoom – This activity will help students understand that everyone has different perspectives and perceptions, and that’s okay. Sometimes past experiences make us see things differently.
  • Activity 3 – Color Your Own Perspective Lenses – Students will design their own perspective-taking lenses to help remind them to always stop and see situations from more than one side.
  • Activity 4 – Perspective-Taking Practice – Students will develop their perspective-taking skills by thinking about and analyzing situations that happen between Freddie and his friends.
  • Activity 5 – I Feel/You Feel – Students will develop their perspective-taking skills by identifying the thoughts and feelings others may have in a variety of different situations.

The storybook Freddie the Fly: Seeing Through Another Lens is recommended for these activities.

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