Downloadable Activities: It Was Just Right Here!

Four Activities to Teach Students the Essential Skill of Organization

Author: Bryan Smith
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Learning how to get and stay organized is an important executive function skill for children. Good organization skills allow children to order items or pictures into sequential order, maintain toys and personal items in a neat and orderly manner, and arrive at school with the required materials. Author and educator Bryan Smith has developed four activities to accompany the It Was Just Right Here! storybook. The lessons are designed to teach children how to practice the tips of staying organized.

Four Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - Where Does This Go? - Students will make a plan of action deciding where items found on the floor of their room should go.
    • Activity 2 - What Would it Be? - Students will determine what part of their house they would organize if their parents let them choose.
    • Activity 3 - All Mixed Up - Students will correctly sequence events in the story that are out of place.
    • Activity 4 - What's Out of Place? - Students will identify 10 items in the picture that are out of place.

It Was Just Right Here! is part of the Executive FUNction series and is recommended for these classroom activities.

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