Downloadable Activities: Speak Up For Yourself

Five Activities to Encourage Students to Become Self-Advocates

Author: Bryan Smith
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From standing up to a bully to speaking up when you're struggling in school to sharing concerns with a partner when you're an adult to advocating for what you need or want in a job, self-advocacy has many benefits. But it takes practice! Award-winning author and school counselor Bryan Smith has developed five activities to help build self-advocacy in children. Students will learn how to express what they are good at and how they struggle, explain why they feel a change is needed, and list examples of how being a self-advocate is helpful. 

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - Get to Know Me - Students will complete a worksheet expressing what they are good at and how they struggle.
    • Activity 2 - Make a Change - Students will be able to explain why they feel a change is needed in different parts of their lives.
    • Activity 3 - What Would a Self-Advocate Do? - Students will be given a situation and determine what a self-advocate would do.
    • Activity 4 - A Letter for Change - Students will write a persuasive letter to their parents trying to get something changed.
    • Activity 5 - It Helps in So Many Different Ways - Students will list several examples how being a self-advocate is helpful.

Speak Up For Yourself is part of the Without Limits book series and is recommended for these activities.

Also available is the colorful, downloadable poster that can be displayed in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria, and other common areas within your school.

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