Downloadable Activities: What's the Problem?

Five Activities to Encourage Students to Use Their Flexible Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Author: Bryan Smith
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Problem solving involves many other executive functioning behaviors, including reasoning, attention, planning, initiation, working memory, and self-monitoring. Teach your students problem solving skills with these activities that accompany the storybook What's the Problem? from author and educator Bryan Smith. These five downloadable activities offer worksheets, discussion topics and group activities to help encourage students to use SODAS (Situation, Options, Disadvantages, Advantages, and Solution) as explained in the storybook.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - What's Your Picture - Students will recreate their partner’s picture Objective by only listening to verbal instructions.
    • Activity 2 - Help Needed! - Students will be able to come up with three
      solutions to each given problem.
    • Activity 3 - A Shaken Soda - Students will create a list of ways to help someone solve his or her problem.
    • Activity 4 - A Big Problem - Students will unscramble the sentences that list ideas for resolving differences, then describe how they might
      use that strategy.
    • Activity 5 - The Cup Challenge - Unscramble the letters to help determine what each strategy is. Then, write down an example of a problem you faced when this strategy would have been useful.

What's the Problem? is part of the Executive FUNction series and is recommended for these classroom activities.

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