Downloadable Activities: Widgets Go Walking

Downloadable activities to help kids dare to dream, set goals, and explore various careers and jobs!

Author and Illustrator: Michael Garland
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Reinforce the lessons students learn in the story Widgets Go Walking with these engaging downloadable activities. These activities are designed to help young people dream big, set goals, and explore potential jobs and careers in creative ways! You won’t want to miss out on the discussion prompts, worksheets, and other templates provided!

Target age is K-6, but these fun, engaging activities can easily be extended to middle school with a few adaptations.

Six Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 – A-Z Jobs – Students will pick a letter of the alphabet and then identify a job/career that starts with that letter. They will then write everything they know about their chosen job/career.
  • Activity 2 – Dear Future Me – Students will write a letter to their future selves describing their dream job/career.
  • Activity 3 – What if I Were a…? Poster – Students will imagine themselves in a specific job/career, then research facts and information about that job/career and make poster presentations.
  • Activity 4 – Career Commercials – Students will use their poster presentations from the “What if I Were a…?” activity to create and record commercials about jobs/careers.
  • Activity 5 – Visualization and Goal Setting – Students will identify goals they want to achieve, visualize reaching those goals, and then come up with an action plan that will help them achieve their goals.
  • Activity 6 – Future Dreams Go Walking – Students will write adjectives on sticky labels that describe their dream jobs or favorite hobbies. Those labels will be used to identify others in the group who have similar interests.

The storybook Widgets Go Walking is recommended for these activities.

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