Downloadable Activity Guide: The Power of an Attitude of Gratitude

Classroom Ideas for Teaching How and Why to Show Appreciation

Author: Kip Jones
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Help students acquire the knowledge of keeping it REAL (Recognize, Express, Appreciate, and Learn) with Willie Bohanon and Friends from the Urban Character Education series. These downloadable activities for students in grades 3 through 8 focus on the power and importance of gratitude and showing appreciation.

The lesson plans were developed by using Biblio-Rhymology, a proactive, character-building "Artbased" curriculum that incorporates the flow of music, rhyme, rap, dance and skits, along with mnemonics and art, to better enhance learning skills and to help students remember four easy steps in showing their appreciation. The creator of Biblio-Rhymology, Kip “Mr. J” Jones, is a guidance counselor at Alcoa Elementary School in Alcoa, Tennessee.

This is a Downloadable eBook with 21 Activities including word searches, board games, scavenger hunts, and discussion questions. Some of the activities include Fashion Designer Activity, in which students use hands-on creative skills to create a design for the "Let's Keep It R.E.A.L." campaign t-shirt; Heavy B and Lil Qeezy CD Cover Design Activity, in which students use their artistic skills to come up with a design for the CD label of Heavy B and Lil Qeezy's latest hit song, "An Attitude of Gratitude"; and Doing the Right T.H.A.N.G., in which students learn to make good choices in different situations while being rewarded for a good deed done for others.

The Power of an Attitude of Gratitude storybook is recommended for these activities. 

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ISBN: 978-1-934490-93-8