Downloadable Activity Guide: The Power of Bystanders

Classroom Ideas for Teaching How Bystanders Can Stop Bullying

Author: Kip Jones
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What if every student who witnessed an act of bullying said something, just one thing, to stop it? All children should know how to handle bullying like a B.O.S.S. (Bystanders hold the key; Open your mouth; Stand up for others; Stick together). Learn along with Willie Bohanon & Friends from the Urban Character Education series about how to stand up for each other and stop bullying in its tracks.

These downloadable activities and lesson plans were developed using Biblio-Rhymology, a proactive, character-building "Artbased" curriculum that incorporates the flow of music, rhyme, rap, dance and skits, along with mnemonics and art, to better enhance learning skills and help students develop and practice the strategies, courage, and confidence necessary to speak up and help stop bullying. The creator of Biblio-Rhymology, Kip “Mr. J” Jones, is a guidance counselor at Alcoa Elementary School in Alcoa, Tennessee.

This is a Downloadable eBook with 21 Activities including word searches, board games, scavenger hunts, and discussion questions. Some of the activities include Get Your Strong Words Out, in which students develop their bystander vocabulary for future situations they might face; the ABC's of Empathy, in which students learn how to reach out to others who need support; and The Boemont Bully Patrol Skit, in which students gain an understand of the important role bystanders play in stopping bullying by role-playing a real life bullying situation.

The Power of Bystanders storybook is recommended for these activities.

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