Downloadable Activity: Gum Drop - Drop (Responsible ME!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skill of "Following Rules"

Author: Julia Cook
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When people don't follow the rules or "adjust" rules to make them fit better, it can be very frustrating to others. In the "Gum Drop - Drop" activity from the Responsible ME! Teacher Activity Guide, students will gain insight on why rules are important and what could happen if we didn't have rules to abide by. Prior to starting the activity, pull 3-4 students aside and explain how you would like for them to engage in the relay - even though that is not how the relay will be demonstrated to the remainder of the class. Once the relay is completed, discuss as a class how people feel when others don't follow the rules. 

This exercise is recommended for grades 3-6.

Materials needed:

    • Cotton swabs (2 for each team of 3-4 students)
    • Gumdrops (spice drops) 3 for each student
    • Empty, clean 20 oz. soda bottle with lid removed (1 per team)

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Produced by Boys Town Press