Downloadable Activity: Zest EVERY Day (ZEST: Live It!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skill of "Expressing Pride in Accomplishments"

Author: Tamara Zentic, MS
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Individuals who possess higher levels of zest tend to be energetic and a source of motivation to those around them. Zest is thought to bring out the best and most positive qualities in a person. It enables a person to approach life as an exciting adventure and turn ordinary daily activities into vivacious, enthusiastic moments that sparkle with possibility and passion. 

In this activity, students will use their curiosity by exploring new ways of drawing everyday objects and recognize the appropriate way to present their art without bragging.

This exercise is from Tamara Zentic's ZEST: Live It! Activity Guide and is recommended for grades 4-12.

Materials needed:

    • Drawing paper
    • Collection of everyday objects (suggestions provided)
    • Internet access
    • Pencil
    • Colored pencils
    • Glue
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, "Expressing Pride in Accomplishments" (provided as a PDF in color)

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