Downloadable Posters: School Social Skills and Procedures



Black-and-white reproducible illustrations of 20 school social skills and procedures.

These black-and-white worksheets for elementary-age students can be downloaded and printed as a handout for each student to color. Use the handout as reminders of appropriate school behavior.

The posters feature hallway and cafeteria procedures and 17 social skills and include two fill-in-the-blank illustrated worksheets for students to learn a new skill. Basic social skills include, Working with Others, Asking for Help, Following Instructions, Getting the Teacher's Attention, and more. Each skill is available three ways:

  • With an illustration, the name of the skill, and the steps to the skill
  • With an illustration, the name of the skill, and fill-in-the-blank for students to complete the steps to the skill
  • With the name of the skill and the steps of the skill only (no illustration)

Teachers can also alter the size of the illustrated PDF poster so they can be used as flash cards.

An email address must be provided to obtain the posters.

Produced by Boys Town Press

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