Middle and High School Social Skills Poster Set

Sixteen colorful basic social skill posters to help teens and young adults prepare for life.


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Help your students learn the social skills that comprise the Well-Managed Schools curriculum by displaying these large 11" x 17" colorful posters in your classroom.

Sixteen posters include these skills:

Following Instructions

    • Accepting Criticism or a Consequence
    • Accepting "No" for an Answer
    • Working with Others
    • Making an Apology
    • Greeting Others
    • Getting the Teacher's Attention
    • Asking for Help,
    • Disagreeing Appropriately
    • Sharing Something
    • Having a Conversation
    • Staying on Task
    • Accepting Compliments
    • Listening
    • Using an Appropriate Voice Tone
    • Asking Permission

Produced by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-0-938510-55-0

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