Father Flanagan of Boys Town: A Man of Vision

The Legacy of Father Flanagan is One That Inspires All Who Care for the Welfare of Children Today

Authors: Hugh Reilly and Kevin Warneke
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This is the tale of Edward Flanagan, a young Irish lad shepherding a flock of sheep on a farm in Ballymoe, who became the famed Father Flanagan, founder of America's Boys Town, guardian of thousands of orphaned, neglected, and abandoned boys, and advisor to presidents. From a large Irish family, Flanagan suffered through ill health and setbacks to pursue his desire to join the priesthood. Following his older brother and fellow priest to the plains of Nebraska, he served several parishes and opened a hotel for homeless men before finding his life's mission to care for and give a voice to young boys whom society had despaired of and cast aside.

Father Flanagan opened his home in 1917 for boys of any race and creed. In this definitive biography, the authors recount his struggles with drought, fire, lack of funds, and skeptical citizens to create a safe haven for these boys. He welcomed Hollywood to Boys Town to recount his story in two films, sent off scores of his boys to do battle in World War II, and toured the orphanages of Asia and Europe to report on the needs of children victimized by that war. At the time of his death in 1948, Father Flanagan was seen as one of the world's foremost advocates for children, especially those without parents or relatives to care for them and those judged guilty of some crime and locked away in reform schools or prisons. The legacy of Father Flanagan is one that inspires all who care for the welfare of children today. 196 pgs.

Reviews: "Too often children are left to fend for themselves, and it takes a noble soul to defend them. "Father Flanagan of Boys Town: A Man of Vision" tells of a man who looked after hundreds of orphan boys in Nebraska. He founded Boy's Town, following his faith, looking after children of any race or creed, supporting them to adulthood. Fighting his own poor health, his story is a moving one, making "Father Flanagan of Boys Town" a solid read." ~Library Bookwatch: November 2008

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-99-5