Parker Plum and the Journey Through the CATacombs

A Story about Being Happy with Who You Are

Author: Billie Pavicic
Illustrator: Madeline Timm
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When the new kind in class, Skyler Blue, wows everyone with tales of wild adventure - riding camels, exploring pyramids, and going on a safari - it leaves Parker Plum feeling small, insignificant, and soooo not special.

Parker, green with envy and down on himself, can't even enjoy the mummy museum field trip! But Parker's pity party gets interrupted when he crosses paths with a mysterious black cat in the museum's catacombs exhibit. And to Parker's surprise, the cat speaks! Can this furry feline convince Parker to start thinking like a C-A-T and realizes he's just as special and interesting as everyone else, including Skyler? Can Parker learn to accept himself, stop hating, and be happy?

This enchanting tale about finding satisfaction and self-worth is the second storybook in the Parker Plum book series for children in grades 1 through 6. Tips are included at the end of the story to help show children how to foster self-acceptance and positive identity. 31 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN 978-1-944882-43-3