Downloadable Activities: Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts

Classroom Activities for Educators to Teach Students Positive Thinking

Author: Billie Pavicic
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Disappointments in life are inescapable. However, studies show that children who learn how to reframe their thoughts and at an early age can more easily manage setbacks and frustrations. Reframing thoughts and practicing positive thinking are essential coping skills. Read the storybook Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts to discover how to look on the bright side when life seems to have you down and nothing is going your way. Each activity is specially designed to help reinforce the skills of positive self-talk, re-framing thoughts and resiliency.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • A Dozen Egg-cellent Thoughts: Positive Self-Talk
    • Scramble Those Rotten Eggs - Reframing Thoughts
    • A Different Way of Looking at Things
    • Character Traits of Resilience
    • Giving Yourself a High-Five: Practicing Self-Care

Parker Plum and the Rotten Egg Thoughts is recommended for these activities.

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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