Priscilla's Predicament... the Worrywart Woes

Stephie McCumbee
Brian Martin
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  • Priscilla's Predicament


When things don’t go as planned, Priscilla begins to worry. She worries about being late to school. She worries about assignments. She worries about tests. How will she do on the test? What will her parents think of how she did on the test? Priscilla worries so much, she starts to sprout ears, tusks and a tail. Priscilla is becoming a worrywart! Priscilla has the Worrywart Woes.

Author Stephie McCumbee uses Priscilla’s predicament to educate K-6 students, teachers and parents about the the challenges of anxiety and worry, and how to overcome those negative thoughts by focusing on positive solutions. 40 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-87-7

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