The Judgmental Flower

Julia Cook
Anita DuFalla
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Introduce the topics of cultural diversity and racial prejudice to students in grades K-6. Help children develop emotional intelligence skills in learning to accept and value differences in others. The flower patch has always been the same. Purples hang with other Purples. Blues hang with Blues. Talls hang with Talls. Shorts hang with Shorts. But when Purple moves into the Blue Patch, Blue just isn't sure how he feels about that! Fortunately, Blue's Mom is around to point out how much Blue and his friends can learn from the wind, the rain, and the bees, who treat all flowers the same. Will Blue start to see things from a different lens? Find out in award-winning author Julia Cook's timely and important tale teaching the skill of valuing the differences of others. 32 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-05-1

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2 Reviews

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    Beautiful Illustrations

    Posted by Maria Gagliano, blogger @ Maria's Space on Jul 31st 2018

    What I loved most beside the wonderful message was the illustrations. They are frame worthy!

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    Great Read to Teach Children

    Posted by Bethany, blogger @ Parenting in Progress on Jul 20th 2018

    Teaching behavioral skills can be difficult at times. So having a book to help in that process is a great way to teach children through example. The Judgmental Flower by Julia Cook is a great way to discuss the topic of judgmental behaviors.

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