Cliques Just Don't Make Cents

Join Penny as she learns how special she really is, and that being different is okay.

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Anita DuFalla
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Penny usually feels left out when she tries to hang with the Silver Coin Clique. The other coins, especially Quarter and Half Dollar who are best friends, do everything together and tell Penny she isn't worth much.

One day, Penny lands in a pocket with the beautiful Gold Dollar coin. Dollar is different from the silver coins too, and she starts to teach Penny how special and valuable she really is. With Dollar's help, Penny learns to feel as shiny on the inside as she looks on the outside as she is reminded of her many admirable qualities. Being different isn't bad, it’s what makes us unique. And Penny sure has some unique lessons to share!

Cliques Just Don't Make Cents is a book that helps kids understand the emotional toll that cliques can have on those who are excluded from popular social groups. It also teaches them how to see their own strengths and how to build better relationships.

Cliques Just Don’t Make Cents is part of Julia Cook’s Building Relationships book series. Included in the book are tips for parents and educators on how to help young people who often feel left out by others. 31 pgs.

The Building Relationships book series also includes:

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-39-6