Well Managed Schools, 2nd Edition

This resource offers strategies to create a productive and cooperative social climate in your learning community.
Michele Hensley, MS, Walter Powell, Susan Lamke, MS, Scott Hartman, MS, Michael Meeks, MS, and Erin Green, MS
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Well-Managed Schools offers a structured approach to school-wide behavior management, giving you effective strategies for empowering students with social and self-management skills while building positive relationships. With new information on the importance of social and emotional learning in the classroom and using multi-tiered support systems to address disruptive behavior, this manual is now an even more valuable tool in helping you improve and enhance your school's social and learning climate and build a true school "community."

The authors describe the Boys Town Education Model®, a school-based intervention strategy that emphasizes behavior-management practices, relationship-building techniques, and social skills instruction. They also provide step-by-step instructions and examples for proven teaching interactions that encourage positive behavior, reduce or prevent inappropriate behaviors, and correct misbehavior. 258 pgs.

"A majority of teachers believe SEL will be a major benefit in preparing students for the workforce (87 percent). Nearly eight in ten teachers believe a larger focus on SEL will have a major benefit on students' ability to stay on track to graduate (80 percent), prepare for college (78 percent), and become good citizens (87 percent)." - The Missing Piece: A Report for CASEL (Civic Enterprises, 2016)

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-02-0

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