Working with Aggressive Youth

Help a child overcome their aggressive behaviors by developing clear and effective treatment interventions that can help lead troubled youth back to the path of success
Daniel L. Daly, PhD, with Michael N. Sterba, MHD
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This book can help teachers, school Counselors, social workers, probation officers, psychologists, foster parents, child care staff, and administrators teach angry youth how to calm down, use self-control strategies, and solve problems in positive ways. Professionals learn how to build good relationships with aggressive youth and teach them pro-social behavior to diffuse aggression and prevent violence. Aggression and aggression theories are defined, the Boys Town Model is described and proven teaching methods are offered. Research data show that kids who receive treatment based on the Boys Town Model get better and on the path to success with positive behavior support. Sample treatment plans are given to address both proactive and reactive aggression in youth. Included is a social skills chart that shows which skills work best with specific types of behaviors. Charts are an easy reference guide for caregivers to teach new skills that replace inappropriate teen aggression. 225 pgs.

About the Authors
Dr. Daniel L. Daley has served as Executive Vice President and Director of Youth Care at Boys Town. He has presented over 150 papers at scientific and service conferences, authored or co-authored over 80 articles, book chapters and training manuals. He was on the faculty at Kansas University for over 15 years. His areas of expertise are juvenile delinquency, adolescent mental health, and dissemination of evidence-based programs.

Michael Sterba is a Senior Writer at Boys Town and is co-author of several books for youth-care professionals, including Teaching Social Skills to Youth with Mental Health Disorders.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-15-0

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