13 & Counting: Rescue Me?

Engaging Activities to Teach and Promote Problem-Solving and Perseverance
Tamara Zentic, MS
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This book offers strategies and activities that inspire youth to develop better problem-solving skills, gain more autonomy in the decisions they make, and cultivate an optimistic outlook on life's problems, stresses, and difficult situations. Teaching students how to view problems as opportunities through multiple problem-solving strategies is critical in fostering healthier self-esteem and independence in our youth. Students sabotage their chances of academic success by allowing toxic, negative thinking to take place. Problems and difficulties seem insurmountable to many.

Youth need problem-solving skills that will help propel them in the next phase of their lives. Keeping in mind the developmental level of 5th-12th grade students, 13 & Counting: Rescue Me? provides over 20 easy-to-implement, effective, strategies to foster effective problem-solving abilities in students that incorporate the Boys Town Social Skills. The lessons are time effective, relational, and get to the heart of the issues and will help students identify how and when to ask for help, how to come up with their own solutions to tough problems, and how to persevere and see the problem through to the end. Executive function and flip classroom ideas are included throughout. As an added bonus, a CD with print-ready worksheets and skill posters is included. 105 pgs.

Also written by Tamara Zentic:

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-00-6