Downloadable Activity: Mountains of Problems or Not? (13 & Counting: Rescue Me?)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skill of "Setting Goals"

Tamara Zentic, MS


In this activity, students will practice goal setting, which can be a difficult task for some. Often times, students only see the problems in their life and not the opportunities for growth and development. As adults, we need to encourage them to look for the opportunities even if it requires work on their part. 

This exercise if from Tamara Zentic's 13 & Counting: Rescue Me? and is recommended for grades 5-12.

Materials needed:

    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Construction paper
    • Tissue paper
    • Markers
    • "Paper Rock Template" handout (provided as a PDF)
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, "Setting Goals" (provided as a PDF)

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Additional Information

Tamara Zentic, MS
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