Downloadable Activity: Defining the Problem (13 & Counting: Rescue Me?)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skills of "Using Structured Problem Solving" and "Asking for Clarification"

Tamara Zentic, MS


From Tamara Zentic's, 13 & Counting: Rescue Me?, this activity will help students to improve their ability to define problems by asking for clarification when needed in an appropriate way. Students will practice self-control by paying attention, getting to work right away and learn how to properly identify a problem. 

This exercise is recommended to grades 5-12.

Materials needed:

    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • "Defining the Problem" worksheet (provided as a PDF)
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, "Using Structured Problem Solving" (provided as a PDF)
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, "Asking for Clarification" (provided as a PDF)

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Additional Information

Tamara Zentic, MS
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