Downloadable Activities: All about Sharing

Help children learn the skill of Sharing with these downloadable activities .

Author Bryan Smith
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All children need to share and take turns if they are going to get along with others and be successful.  But sharing can be a difficult skill for young children to learn.  These downloadable activities can help you teach children the importance of sharing.


Read the All about Sharing storybook together with your children, and then use the activities to drive home the lessons the story teaches.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • The Picture - a simple activity for 2 or more children who share in creating a picture.
  • Sharing Skittles - Use skittles (or another candy) to ask kids a series of questions about how they would share them.
  • A Shared Space - Activity to help kids think about their personal space and space they need to share.
  • Build a Tower - Help kids work together to build together
  • My One Item - A writing activity for kids to think about sharing.

All about Sharing is the first storybook in the Social Strategies book series.


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