Downloadable Activities: Marcos, Did You Hear Me?

Fun, engaging, downloadable activities to help kids learn to be active listeners.

Author: Bryan Smith
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Use these engaging downloadable activities to reinforce the lessons that Marcos learns in the storybook, Marcos, Did You Hear Me? The activities are designed to help young people in grades K-6 learn to actively listen to others. The five activities include worksheets, a comprehension activity, and an activity that gets students up and out of their chairs!

The Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 – Draw What You Hear – Students will listen to verbal descriptions and attempt to draw a picture of what they hear.
  • Activity 2 – What Do You Hear Inside? – Students will try to identify an object using only their listening skills.
  • Activity 3 – Sound Scavenger Hunt – Students will try to identify different sounds they hear outside.
  • Activity 4 –Comprehension Check – Students will demonstrate their active listening skills by filling in missing information from the story.
  • Activity 5 – Obstacle Course – By using their active listening skills, students will be able to correctly complete an obstacle course.)

The storybook Marcos, Did You Hear Me should be used with these activities.

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