Downloadable Activities: How Did You Miss That?

Five Activities to Teach Students How to Self-Monitor and Use the Essential Skills of "Staying on Task" and "Following Instructions"

Author: Bryan Smith
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Self-monitoring is the ability to observe and evaluate one’s behavior. Give students the working knowledge of learning how to pay attention, stay on task and follow instructions with these five downloadable activities from Bryan Smith's How Did You Miss That?, the 7th installment of the Executive FUNction series. Students will learn the importance of following directions and listening closely, practice self-monitoring and work on strategies to help keep them focused. Designed for 1st through 5th graders, included are worksheets, discussion topics and group activities.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - Follow the Directions - Part of self-monitoring is making certain to follow instructions the first time. This activity will help teach
      students the importance of following directions. 
    • Activity 2 - Game Time! - Students will practice self-monitoring by listening closely, and following instructions given during a game of Simon Says.
    • Activity 3 - Wear the Teacher's Hat? - Students will create a list of ways to help someone solve their problem.
    • Activity 4 - Monitoring Makes a Difference - Students will monitor their progress as they work on getting better at a given task.
    • Activity 5 - Things That Help! - Students will find eight strategies to help monitor their work hidden in a word search. They will reflect on the strategies and discuss how each can be used for self-monitoring.

How Did I Miss That? is part of the Executive FUNction series and is recommended for these classroom activities.  

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