Tell Me Three Things That You Did Today

Reconnecting with the Most Important People in Your Life

Authors: Maureen & Jerry Dempsey
Illustrator: Bruce Arant
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Meet five-year-old Maureen, the youngest of three girls.

Life at home is always very noisy and busy, leading Maureen to think that no one listens to her! The TV is on, the phone is ringing, the dog is barking and everyone is talking all at the same time! Maureen feels like she has to yell just so her family will hear her. 

When bedtime arrives, this is always Maureen's most favorite part of the day. Her daddy tucks her in and says "tell me three things that you did today."

Mommies and daddies, snuggle up with your little ones and share a tale of how one little girl learned to feel special in a loving, but chaotic house! Hardcover, 22 pgs.

About the Author

JERRY DEMPSEY'S first children's book relives the wonderful days when his children were young and family life was very busy! His wife Jeanne kept the family on track and on schedule 24/7 when he was at work and often traveling. Jerry enjoyed listening to his daughter's stories at bedtime more than they loved telling them, and conversations often started with, "tell me three things that you did today!" Their daughters Kathryn, Margaret and Maureen are grown now and, along with grandsons, Sam and Jim, the family fun continues.