Downloadable Activities: Time to Get Started

Five Activities to Teach Students the Importance of Taking Initiative in Everyday Tasks

Author: Bryan Smith
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Initiative is the ability to start an activity, plan, or task. Learning how to take initiative and get things done is an important executive function skill for children. Author and educator Bryan Smith has developed five activities to accompany the storybook Time to Get Started. The lessons are designed to teach children the steps on how to take initiative and get started on work at school and at home.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • Activity 1 - Baby Steps - Students will be able to break a big goal into smaller, more manageable chunks.
    • Activity 2 - The Perfect PB&J? - Students will create a recipe card for a perfect PB&J, including specific and detailed instructions.
    • Activity 3 - What's Stopping You? - Students will list some reasons why they might not get started on an assignment and list ways they can
      help themselves in those situations.
    • Activity 4 - What Would You Do? - Based on different scenarios, students will be able to give an example of what they could do to help get started on a task.
    • Activity 5 - A Helpful Poem - Students will create an acrostic poem using the letters in GET STARTED showing things they could do to help
      get started on any given task.

Time to Get Started is part of the Executive FUNction series and is recommended for these classroom activities.

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