Downloadable Activity: In the Top 100! (ZEST: Live It!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skills of "Contributing to Group Activities" and "Staying on Task"

Author: Tamara Zentic, MS
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By identifying areas within the school that they could improve, students will gain the knowledge of the steps needed to stay on task and work effectively as a group. Place students in groups and ask them to search for the top "100 Best Of..." This activity will allow the class to display curiosity by asking and answering questions to deepen their understanding of the lesson. Not only will students learn the important tasks of keeping focus and working as a team, this activity from Tamara Zentic's ZEST: Live It! Activity Guide, will also provide motivation and perseverance.

This exercise is recommended for grades 4-12.

Materials needed:

    • Access to computers and Internet
    • Paper
    • Pencils
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, "Contributing to Group Activities" (provided as a PDF in color)
    • Boys Town Social Skill poster, "Staying on Task" (provided as a PDF in color)

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Produced by Boys Town Press