Dream Big Book Bundle (Set of 5 books)

Giving children strategies for overcoming obstacles to achieve success.

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This special collection of FIVE books offers students the support, encouragement, and skills they need to overcome obstacles, face their fears, and believe in themselves. 

The set includes:

    • Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree, a story about Jillian, a girl who has her own style and dreams, but feels like an outcast among her peers. Can she stay true to herself, and still fit in? Written for kids ages 9 to 14.
    • The Power of Self-D, a story about Willie, a young boy who believes that by making good choices, anything is possible.  Written for kids ages 8 to 12
    • Spacing Out, a story to help turn daydreaming about something you love, into simple steps you can use to complete tasks you need to do.  Written for ages 6 to 12
    • Mindset Matters, a storybook about young Amelia whose confidence is shaky.  With Dad's help, she learns to turn her mindset into a Gonna-Get-It-Done attitude.  Written for kids ages 5 to 11
    • Hey Goose! What's Your Excuse? a heartwarming tale about spreading your wings and trying new things...even when it seems scary.  Written for kids ages 4 to 11 

Published by Boys Town Press