I Like Holidays!

Make a holiday even more special by helping your child record the event in their own words, drawings, and/or photographs.

Author: K. A. Bye, MS
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You and your child can relive the fun of a favorite holiday by recording the people you share it with and the colors, decorations, clothing, food, stories, and traditions you use to celebrate it in your child's own words, drawings, and photographs. The book provides sentence starters that children finish with words describing their personal experiences. They then paste photos or draw pictures to illustrate their stories. Parents or grandparents can help children complete their one-of-a-kind book for a wonderful shared activity. Working on this Interactive Book about Me helps young and beginning readers (ages 3-7) improve their vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. I Like Holidays! also helps children learn the meaning of holiday and cultural customs, recognize and describe family traditions, and relate personal and family events to a holiday.

This activity book will bring repeated enjoyment and skill development as your child shares reading the book aloud with you, family members, and friends. And, when your child's reading progresses beyond the level of this book, you will have a unique keepsake of a special event from his or her growing years! Educators, one of the keys to learning to read is motivation. This interactive book, in which the child provides the text and the important images, creates that motivation. It also requires children to think critically, recall and reflect on their experiences, and then recount them in writing - all helpful in developing language skills. Great for all beginning readers and writers, including English language learners and students identified for Title I or special education programs.

Other books from the Interactive Book about Me Series include My Trip to the Zoo, I Like Birthdays!, and Visiting My Grandmother. 

Reviews: "In order to teach a child, you have to enter their view of the world...What a great way to do this! K.A. Bye's interactive books help to bridge the literacy gap. This series not only helps young readers improve their literacy skills, it allows the reader to own the story and 'be the book.' Better yet, the series fosters positive relationship building between adult and child. A must-have for all parents, caregivers and early elementary school teachers alike." ~Julia Cook, M.S., Award Winning Children's Author/Presenter
“Ideal for playtime, rainy day, and family night activities, the entire series is enthusiastically recommended to the attention of grandparents, teachers, and care-givers too!! ~Children’s Bookwatch, September 2009 ~Diane C. Donovan, Editor
 "These books actively engage children in the reading process. Because the focus is on their experiences, children are very motivated and can relate in a meaningful way to text. These books are a major contribution to reading." ~Rachel Billmeyer, Ph.D., author of Literacy and Learning Trilogy

ISBN: 978-1-934490-0-37