Why Is He Spreading Rumors about Me?

A Chapter Book to help young readers gain an understanding of how hurtful rumors can be.

Author: Jennifer Licate
Illustrator: Suzanne Beaky
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Mateo is at the center of a wild rumor that is swiftly spreading around school. He’s freaked out and frustrated. He can’t seem to stop it or shut it down. What’s worse, the rumor is a lie started by someone Mateo thought was a friend.  

The whispers began, like they so often do in middle school, during the lunch period. Mateo and his longtime friend Lily were laughing and joking with each other. When Harris saw them together, he didn’t see two friends innocently goofing around. He saw a lovey-dovey couple who MUST BE boyfriend and girlfriend. Or at least that’s what he wants everyone else to think.  

Harris wastes little time telling his buddies about Mateo and his “girlfriend.” Soon that rumor is all over school. Mateo gets hassled by his friends. Lily feels disrespected. Both are annoyed and uncomfortable, and eventually stop speaking to each other. Are they going to let the gossip and teasing destroy their friendship? Or can Mateo convince Harris to finally admit to everyone the actual truth?  

Why is He Spreading Rumors about Me? is a gripping, fast-paced story that explores the insecurities, fears, obsessions, and anxieties of middle schoolers. As Mateo struggles to salvage his friendship with Lily and put an end to all the gossip, young readers gain an understanding of how hurtful and far reaching a rumor’s ripple effects can be.

Educators and group leaders can supplement this chapter book with a Teacher and Counselor Activity Guide. The guide provides self-reflection questions and group activities to thoughtfully engage readers with the content, encouraging them to think critically about the frustration, embarrassment, and alienation that result when rumors are repeated.  

Award-winning author and school counselor Jennifer Licate adds another powerful story to her popular Navigating Friendships series of chapter books. 

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Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 978-0-938510-68-0
Juvenile Fiction
Full Color Illustrations
45 pages
Softcover, 6"x9"
Grades 4-8; Ages 9-14
Lexile Measure: 530L
F&P Level: R