Impulse Control Activities & Worksheets for Middle School



Impulse Control Activities & Worksheets for Middle School Students provides teachers, school Counselors , social workers and psychologists with tools to assist students in grades 6-8 with better impulse control. Lessons address the multiple areas that are affected by impulsivity such as academics, emotions, problem-solving, social skills, and romantic relationships. Expanding on existing evidenced-based practices for decreasing impulsivity, lessons provide specific, engaging activities and worksheets to use with groups or individuals.

The activities are designed to teach students how to:

• Understand the value of impulse control, Use patience and tolerance,  Anticipate consequences, Practice good problem-solving strategies, Recognize and manage feelings, Use Impulse control with peers, Practice good listening skills, Be the boss of impulses, Use impulse control with anger and anxiety and more! 120 Pages


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