Downloadable Activity: Understanding and Preventing Bullying (Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree)

Prepare Students How to Appropriately Respond to Bullying

Author: Leona Lugan
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This activity will reinforce student knowledge of bullying and prepare students to respond to it when they experience it or see it happening to their peers. Leaders can use the information and discussion to increase awareness of the frequency and types of bullying. 

Start the activity off by explaining what bullying is and isn't and how to deal with it (suggestions and advice are offered in the activity). Then read Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree chapter book individually, in groups, or as a class. The two worksheets provided are great follow-up pieces to help students discuss the different types of bullying, how to identify it, and what should be done when they see it occur. 

This exercise is from Leona Lugan's Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree Activity Guide and is recommended for grades 6-8.

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