The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels, Vol. 1: The Angry Alligator

A Fun Chapter Book about Owning Up to Your Mistakes, Being Honest, and Making Apologies

Author: Tony Penn
Illustrator: Brian Martin
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Michael McMichaels is a spirited, carefree third grader who enjoys adventure. Michael and his best friend, Kenny, like to build forts, play video games, and ride their bikes through the neighborhood.

But when Michael makes a big mistake during a class trip to the local zoo, things take an unexpected turn for him… and several others, too.

Not only does Michael do the unthinkable – throw a rock at an unsuspecting alligator – but in a fit of panic, he blames someone else. That someone else just happens to be a bigger, scarier, unrelenting fifth grader who is now making Michael’s life very difficult!

And what’s more? The fifth grader has Michael convinced that the alligator isn’t going to take that mean prank lying down!

The only thing that could make this situation worse would be to have to work with his arch nemesis at school – Harriet. Would you believe that comes next? This kid can’t catch a break!

Michael’s tall tales get the better of him as he spins even more yarns to avoid being caught in his lies! His nerves have him leading hilarious escapades to avoid becoming the next meal for the angry alligator. He even pulls Kenny into the middle of the madness!

Will Michael escape his web of lies by doing the right thing: owning up to his mistakes and apologizing? Or will he keep hiding the truth by spinning wilder and wilder tales? 

This entertaining chapter book demonstrates the importance of honesty, integrity, and making an apology. Readers will enjoy experiencing the camaraderie and challenges that come along with childhood friendships.

Purchase all five titles of The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels book series – a great set of quick-read stories for independent readers in grades 2-7! 91 pages. Illustrations included at chapter breaks and key points in the story.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-94-5