The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels, Vol. 3: The Creepy Campers

A Fun Chapter Book about Honesty, Integrity, and Friendship (with some strange aliens, too!)

Author: Tony Penn
Illustrator: Brian Martin
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Michael McMichaels is a spirited, carefree third grader who enjoys adventure. Michael and his best friend, Kenny, like to build forts, play video games, and ride their bikes through the neighborhood.

In The Creepy Campers, Michael, Kenny, and the always-annoying Harriett are at a New Mexico summer camp that is supposed to be relaxing, but turns out to be stressful from the moment they arrive. Imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by spooky woods and seeing strange flying saucers... and that's the least of their worries!

What’s more, some of their fellow campers are underhandedly doing all they can to win camp competitions and all the glory, fame, and prizes that come along with it. They cheat, lie, bully and intimidate. Michael first witnesses the cheating during a swimming competition when he notices that four of the campers keep winning every heat. A little investigation shows they are breaking the rules by using some hidden, secret equipment! Then, during an archery challenge, Michael spies the same campers modifying their arrowheads to give them another unearned, but definite advantage. Not fair!

If Michael wants to win, can he bring himself to use those same underhanded tactics?

Written for children, The Creepy Campers asks readers to think about their own ethical choices. Is winning at any cost worth it? Tony Penn's expertly-crafted plot twists and sharp dialogue help children clearly see the many real consequences of cheating and deception. This story offers adventure, friendship, and lessons on integrity.

Helpful tips and discussion questions to share with children are included at the end of the story. 83 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-10-5