The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels Vol. 5: The Case of the Escaping Elephants

Tony Penn
Brian Martin
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  • The Misadventures of MM: The Escaping Elephants



Michael McMichaels just can't get enough of playing on the family's electronic devices - even on a family trip to the zoo! But he never expected his fanatic phone use to cause such chaos. Or his obsession with video games to lead to rampaging elephants and a guilty conscience.

Michael knows he has to do something to help resolve the issues he created - and that includes working with frenemy Harriet! Will this messy misadventure cure his addiction to electronics and scare him into limiting his screen time? Find out in this humorous tale about the importance of moderation. 96 pgs.

Book 5 in the Misadventures of Michael McMichaels series. Bundle and SAVE by purchasing the set!

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-32-7


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1 Review

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    Distracted by Electronics

    Posted by Amber MacDonald, blogger @ Dragonfly Sweetnest on Oct 9th 2018

    This is a great read for young kids. The story begins with Michael on a family trip to the zoo. While looking at his dad’s cell phone for a place to eat, Michael gets distracted by a game he starts to play on the phone. While he is playing the game he is playing against his mom’s friend’s son who happens to be at work at the zoo. Unfortunately, Jimmy forgets about doing his job at the zoo and forget to keep an eye on the elephants.

    Later that evening there is Breaking News, 4 elephants have escaped the zoo! However, 3 have been found and 1 is still missing. This results in Jimmy losing his job. Michael wants to make it right, so he and his friends become detectives in search of the missing elephant. One mishap after another happens, Michael lies to his parents, and the group makes one questionable decision after another while looking for the missing elephant.

    In the end, Michael learns that being distracted by electronics can have consequences that are not great. Maybe you will lose your job, or allow elephants to escape their enclosures, risking their safety in an unfamiliar city. He ultimately tells his parents how much he disobeyed them and comes clean on everything because he can’t live with the guilt. He truly learns the importance of being honest and following direction. Michael eventually makes the decision to spend time with his family instead of playing on the electronics, because family time is more important. Missing out on important time with the people we cherish is a mistake as big as releasing elephants. I really love that this book teaches kids to be present in reality. It will encourage them to be reflective of the time they spend distracted. Which could have a real and lasting impact. We need more stories like this in our evolving society.

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