Executive FUNction Series Set of 10 Storybooks

Social Skills Stories to Teach Children how to Plan, Organize, Manage Time and Maintain Self-Control

Author: Bryan Smith
Illustrator: Lisa M. Griffin
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Winner of the Counselor's Choice Award!

Brothers Braden and Blake are the central characters in the Executive FUNction picture book series. One is quick to turn the smallest setbacks into the biggest life-shattering disasters while the other is so unorganized, he creates chaos wherever he goes. The stories deal with flexible thinking, resiliency, controlling impulses, emotional balance, planning and prioritizing, and learning to how to focus on a task. Complex skills are described in simple behavioral steps, making it easier for kids to learn how to prioritize, plan and, ultimately, prosper in the classroom and at home.

The series includes:

Each storybook includes helpful tips and advice for parents and educators to help teach students in grades K through 5 how to plan, organize, manage time and maintain self-control. There are also downloadable activities available to partner with each story!

About the Author

BRYAN SMITH has worked in the education field for more than 15 years, first as an Elementary School Teacher then as a School Counselor. He excels at teaching students life skills that will take them far and help them succeed. He is also a popular children's author whose other titles include What Were You Thinking? and My Day Is Ruined! His Executive FUNction children's book series won the Counselor's Choice Award, which is awarded by Licensed Mental Health Therapists for "Recognition of Quality in the Field."

Published by Boys Town Press